My transformation We spent 38% of our free Job Function Email Database time digitally in 2021 and that is expected to be 52% by 2030 There are no physical constraints – such as real estate, supply chains, and geographic reach – in the metaverse. This Job Function Email Database opens up many opportunities for companies of all sizes to earn money and get in touch with (potential) customers. We see the lines blurring between the physical and virtual worlds Job Function Email Database and companies are increasingly committed to creating experiences that engage consumers on a personal, deeper level. As humans, we are born and raised in a 3D environment. Because of this, it is also very logical that we will find.

The metaverse more interesting than the Job Function Email Database 'flat' internet on which we now spend a lot of time. But the metaverse is not new. Every day there are still 1 million people walking around in Second Life, a virtual world in which $500  Job Function Email Database million was spent last year . More money than in the economies of many countries. But the game Fortnite is even bigger, with 350 million users, of which 15 million are logged in on Job Function Email Database average in a day. A concert in Fortnite by Ariana Grande has already attracted 78 million visitors. No wonder that all kinds of artists are suddenly queuing up to perform virtually.

Manchester City and Sony are building a Job Function Email Database metaverse stadium and the Dutch Beyond Sports processes real-time data from events in all kinds of VR products. It won't be long before you can walk around in a match live in the Job Function Email Database metaverse. Also read: Metaverse: sounds cool, but what can you actually do with it? Marketing in the metaverse: experience is central You can already experience Heineken's Pixel Job Function Email Database beer, McDonalds' McRib and Fanta fountains at restaurant Wendy's in the metaverse, but of course not taste it. They are especially funny examples of new ways of marketing. The key word here is real experience.

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